Css Reset

Base reset styles for Svelte Materialify

Svelte Materialify uses ress because it is more modern and is built on top of normalize.css

Reset Features

  1. Apply box-sizing: border-box; in all elements.
  2. Reset padding and margin in all elements.
  3. Specify background-repeat: no-repeat in all elements and pseudo elements.
  4. Inherit text-decoration and vertical-align to ::before and ::after.
  5. Remove the outline when hovering in all browsers.
  6. Specify font-family: monospace in code elements.
  7. Reset border-radius in input elements.
  8. Specify font inheritance of form elements.
  9. Remove the default button styling in all browsers.
  10. Specify textarea resizability to vertical.
  11. Apply cursor: pointer to button elements.
  12. Apply tab-size: 4 in html.
  13. Style select like a standard input.
  14. Style cursor by aria attributes.
  15. Hide content from screens but not screenreaders.

More information can be found over at ress.css

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